Bristol Brigand

The Brigand Boys 1949 to 1953

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It's all quite true that one of the "tricks" which the Bristol Brigand B1. aircraft was able to perform during it's active service life in the Malayan skies was it's ability to shoot itself down (More of that later).

Some facts, figures, truths and perhaps to expel some of the myths that have surrounded the Bristol Brigand B1 aircraft are aired here by  Terry Stringer who during  his  2 1/2 years spent with 84 Squadron at R.A.F. Tengah on the island of Singapore, from June 1950 until December 1952 during the "Malayan Emergency", flying  in 27 different Bristol Brigands, notched up in excess of 950 flying hours in the 'brutes'  including 218 Operational Air Strikes against the so called Communist Terrorists of the MLA (Malayan Liberation Army) which consisted mainly of Chinese Communists.  He also carried out 111 of those sorties in the 'Bridal Brigand' RH813 'H' which incidentally didn't once cause trouble in the air.


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